Monday, September 27, 2010

My World View


My name is Maus.
I am currently cuddling my pet rat being excited to dream.
I try to be as neutral as possible... I can be a very good mediator. I could be a professional referee, as long as it's not in sports. I try to be aware of my own bias, and have a lot of anti-oppression training and experience.
I'm an ok person, I guess. You know more about me than I do.


I'm not sure where I sit on the political spectrum. Sometimes, I feel extremely, amazingly, completely radically left- you know, the whole "FUCK THE SYSTEM" (or unfuck the system, it should be), and let's start fresh in a new society. Other times I appreciate the Liberal more central position and understand points from the right. I do not agree that tradition has any standing in decision making- if there is something better, that makes more sense, then let's do it. I suppose I am really 'logical' in my view points and try to think of what's fair and what also makes sense at the same time.


How should the problems of the world be resolved? Wow, what a big question. Well, it really depends on the issue. I think the idea of the "United Nations" is a very important one- we need a way to communicate wit each other and figure out how to share our vast wealth in North America with the rest of the world. Unfortunately un-learning how to be greedy is very hard indeed. Together there is enough in the world that if we all work together, we can do it. It is hard with 7+ billion (BILLION!) people to all help together, though!


I think one of the biggest world issues that bothers me is treatment of women and homosexuals. I know, I know. It is stereotypical and old news- but only here. People are so stuck in living only by old, outdated religious-oriented political systems that things have become 'right' and 'wrong' that are no business of the government.
As Trudeau said, "The State Does Not Belong in the Bedrooms of the Nation," which pretty much covers it. People should not be beaten for their sex or sexual orientation or gender identification- and they should have all the rights of those who are hetero-normative.

Time to sleep.


  1. Good to see such open minded and mature concepts here. Good job

  2. Lol, imagine 9/11. It was a CONSPIRACY!!!

  3. great first post man. im tired of seeing all these new blogs that use their first post as an excuse to not have any content

  4. add me back

    sounds like an interesting pov though

  5. ugh i want a pet rat!!! rats are so adorable
    can we live together

  6. Many little changes can become a revolution.

  7. good stuff good heart balanced view