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Col. Russell Williams

We get The Toronto Star. I hardly read the paper because it makes me angry easily. It usually contains nothing that interesting. Mostly, I read the comics and check headlines. There's a lot of news about this guy who raped and murdered two women, and he is an Colonel in the army. He also robbed numerous homes, molested others, and stole lingerie. Okay.

Yesterdays headlines:


First thought: Fucking sensationalits.

Reading the article honestly made me feel sick. Not because of what he did (though it was undeniably horrible), but the way it was written about. A big picture of him in lingerie on the front page. What exactly is the point of this? 

"You want to survive this, don't you?” he says to her softly."
Fucking sadistic newspaper freaks. I don't mind consentual rape fantasy, I enjoy it in fact, but these are some sadistic motherfuckers. The article writer is basically getting off on the rape and murder of some poor woman.
Oh, the places he’s seen! In prison, the loss of his souvenirs will bother him most of all.
Woman, I implore you to spend some time in prison. Heaven knows I haven't, but I can imagine that the first thing on my mind might be spiraling depression, regret, or PERHAPS contempt, but she makes it sound so... ... I don't know.
Yet he is evil incarnate.
Hitler, MAYBE, was evil incarnate. This man, though he took a very exremely precious lives and like to cross dress, and had issues, was not 'evil incarnate'. Just the power of those words. So fucking brutal. Is it wrong that I identify more with a murderer than the author?

He liked looking at himself in the mirror, but he never smiled to show pleasure, maintaining a rigid military decorum even while looking the perfect prat, a great big man in the pink sun dress of a little girl. Seriously. You should see the photos he took of himself in his own kitchen, like a huge dog in a frock. A leaf print. Strapless.

Here’s proof of how gentle and good most people are. Nobody laughed out loud. It would have humiliated Williams beyond belief. But it would have hurt the families and so no one did it.
>mfw she is suggesting he should be humiliated. aksjfsdg.

Haven't even read this one until now.
Men should weep.

They bruise women’s bodies, they humiliate us in the House of Commons, they expend great effort in keeping us pregnant, booting us away from the bigger salaries, they are tireless in their attempts at control and resent our efforts to advance. Frequently, they kill women. Russell Williams is a monster but there will be other monsters in the years to come.

We know this to be true. I am a feminist but all women know what I mean because they live it every day.
I really hate when people attack males and generalise. Imagine she took that and replaced it with "women". Or "gays".
>Russel Williams is a man
>Russel Williams raped and killed 
>therefor, all men rape and kill women and should suffer for it

Anyway: To the main point. My dad quoted the bolded part for me, saying he liked it, and I had to stop eating and almost started to cry.

As sickened as we were by Williams’ bored monotone on the subject of penetration, suffocation and strangulation, there was a comfort knowing that he walked into that small interrogation room puffed up and grinning like a big ole colonel and left like someone who’d been exiled from the human race

I found this... so... sad. SO sad. He may be a horrible person but I don't think ANYONE deserves to be 'exiled from the human race'. This man is just as human as any of us, however ashamed of that we are, however much we would like to believe the opposite. It is not POSSIBLE for a human to be inhuman. People who kill people have problems. No doubt. Serious problems. Either actual brain problems or seriously horrible life experiences. Reading "Becoming Human" (though I'm only around 20 pages in) is already enlightening. This poor man was probably never loved. His father probably beat him and called him a faggot and then vanished or something. His mother probably had issues and couldn't help him as much as he needed. *wikis* His parents divorced when he was six. When he was 16 his parents moved to South Korea and he was raised in a boarding school and was a prefect.
He probably went thought a lot of  damn shit in his live and repressed a lot. His father left and he lived alone when he was 16. He had to be a man. Then a prefect. Then he was in the army. He never had the love. The caring. In the Army, especially 30 years ago- homosexuality is a sin. Like, he is horrible, aweful but he is still human, do you understand? 
He has a double life sentence. What's the point even, why not just kill him? I guess they want, as my dad pointed out, for him to be an example for others with homicidal ideas. And the sadistic pleasure for everyone else as they watch him rot for the rest of his life. He's already tried to kill himself once in jail.

Exiled from the human race.
Like, fuck.

The corporate-style “apology” Col. Russell Williams fabricated and offered to his victims’ families in open court yesterday was his final insult, the last chunk of evidence of his pure psychosis, as if we needed more.

Here’s a sample. “I know that the crimes I committed have traumatized many people. The family and friends of Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd in particular have suffered and continue to suffer profound desperate pain and sorrow as a result of what I’ve done.”

Let’s analyze his corporate-style phrasing. “Traumatize”? Williams’ crimes didn’t traumatize the families. He killed their daughters. The families are finished off. They said so to his face in their victim impact statements. As for “family and friends,” that’s a phrase you use in a Christmas newsletter. “As a result of what I’ve done” is what you say when the barbecue explodes at the lake because you bought a discount propane tank.

In his version, his “assaults” caused his rape victims to “suffer terribly” and the families whose little daughters’ panties were draped over his face were “seriously distressed.”

No. They were scared out of their wits and sickened to the depths of their souls

When Williams was left alone to write letters to his victims, he wrote three brief sentences to his wife, the last of which was “I know you’ll take care of sweet Rosie.”

He was talking about his cat.

“Your Honour,” he began, and then came a long pause. Such extended pauses were a big feature of his 10-1/2 hour initial talk with his artfully helpful police interrogator Jim Smyth, and they were just as effective this time before a real judge and some informal citizen judges, i.e., not very.

But I’d say that a statement about the “stark horror” of yourself, as the judge later referred to it, is a social situation that is actually less awkward than making a speech at a family wedding. It’s perfectly apparent what you’re supposed to say.

You’re supposed to explain why you did what you did.

Williams has always been taciturn. It isn’t in his nature to expound or analyze, and it’s one reason he was an odd choice as colonel at the Trenton base. Maybe the military doesn’t do affable, and thus this awkward man with no chat or grasp of the appropriate thing to say to other humans was considered promotion material.

But if you were able to say it, you wouldn’t be a pedophilic, emotionless serial killer, which he is, which is why his tears were not for his victims but for himself. Williams was indeed terribly sorry, but only that he got caught.

I don't know the man obviously, but I don't think you can do this, with all the evidence he kept, with everything, without expecting to get caught. I think part of him was looking forward to it, when he WAS caught he revealed everything right away. Maybe he was put down a lot as a kid, grew up to be cold and repressed, and had to express himself in a way in order to get attention- so maybe someone might tell him he was bad, treat him how he felt inside. Maybe he didn't feel anything as all. It is quite possible.

It's just so fucking sad. I don't know. I guess I was just talking about it with my dad too much- who has very little empathy- who was saying that he is not human, he is "inhuman".

I think this man is VERY human. Frighteningly so. Sex was not originally a loving act. It is the fact that this is so human that scares us.

Let us destroy what we are afraid of.
That is what is human.

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